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Etiquette & FAQ


On Planning:

Due to the current state of the world, I’m currently only taking one date every 10 days and am prioritizing longer dates. Let’s make plan! Of course, dining out is still a joy, but where possible, let’s find cute and unique ways to dine at home.

Despite my eagerness to meet you, please do only reach out when you’re ready to indulge in planning a date together. I do ask for a 25% non-refundable deposit to secure our time together. Should you need to cancel, please do so at least 25 hours before our date. Cancellations 24 hours or less before our date are subject to 100% payment in full.

Due to a personal and social life that’s very active and full, I do not take same-day dates.

On Screening:

For the safety of you, me, and my current suitors, screening is necessary and non-negotiable. I require real-world information and an unredacted copy of your driver’s license. References are wonderful in addition to – but never replace – these essentials.

On Meeting:

You’ll be given specific information as to my location once you confirm our date per instructions via email. I very conveniently host near the intersection of commonly used highways, and there is always ample parking in my quiet and discreet neighborhood.
Once you arrive, it’s so much easier for me to slip into trust if any and all gifts are placed in an envelope and set on a countertop. Indeed, I shouldn’t have to ask for it.

A fully appointed shower complete with fluffy towels and toiletries is always available should you need to freshen up before our date begins. Please do come freshly brushed. Mouthwash is always available.

After We Part:

I cherish the space we create together and the time we share in that space! Please, do reserve your contact for when you’d like to book another date with me. Following up with thanks for a great time together is always welcome, but I’ll probably beat you to that. 😉

Should you wish to receive periodic emails from me, you’re welcome to sign up for my mailing list; it’s in the footer of every page of this website. Outside of that, I won’t contact you unless you’ve given me explicit permission to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our conversation is over. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Now, with that subsection of the populace out of the way…

I enjoy the company of kind, caring, intelligent, adventurous, and creative people regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, size, ability, or national origin.

If you require special accommodations, please let me know during our planning. 🙂
Generally speaking, most days can work with 24 hours notice. However, due to SARS-CoV-2, I am limiting my dates to one date every ten days, and I am prioritizing longer dates.

Same-day dates rarely – if ever – work out, as I lead a very fulfilling social and personal life. If your situation absolutely requires same-day visits, feel free to sort out screening and deposit ahead of time to increase our chances of meeting!

Under more normal circumstances, I love meeting people at any number of the great bars and restaurants in the Detroit area!

Since that’s not always a possibility, folks also meet me for dates at my home, which is conveniently located just north of Detroit near the I-75/I-696 interchange, about half an hour from the airport and forty-five minutes from Ann Arbor.

Deposits may be sent via Square Cash, cryptocurrency, Amazon gift card, PayPal, Venmo, or a Vanilla Visa or cash sent by mail. While cash is always preferred, any of these options except PayPal and Vanilla Visa may be used for the remainder upon meeting.

Yes! Locally, I travel roughly thirty-minutes by car for a standard surcharge. If you’re further out, we can figure it out!

If you’d like to bring me to your city or along with you on your travels, I’m available for any of the standard length of offerings. I’ll need my travel and lodging covered, of course.

I ask for a non-refundable twenty-five percent deposit to secure our time together which can be sent via Square Cash, cryptocurrency, Amazon gift card, Paypal, Venmo, or a Vanilla Visa or cash sent by mail.

For as eager as I am to meet, I understand life is complicated and will happily reschedule within a reasonable timeframe. Should you need to cancel our date altogether, if you do so with 24 hours or less notice, my full fee is required at the time of cancellation.

I require real-world information and an unredacted copy of your driver’s license. References are wonderful in addition to – but never replace – these essentials.
To ensure the safety of all parties – you, me, and my other suitors – I require screening information from every one of my potential guests.

I use encrypted email through ProtonMail and encrypted texts through Signal to help keep our messages from prying eyes. Encryption only works if both parties use it, though, so for your own discretion, I would recommend and appreciate if you used them as well.

Absolutely! My fashion sense is usually well-appreciated, but if you have a specific color, style, or what-have-you, I am happy to dress to your preferences (within reason if we’re out in public). If the outfit isn’t already in my closet, maybe our first date could center rectifying that.

If you have a bespoke gift in hand that you want to mail to me or are ordering online, you can direct shipments to:
Finch, 23211 Woodward Avenue #123, Ferndale, MI 48220.

Don’t want to run the risk of a less-than-perfect gift? I have an Amazon wishlist full of things guaranteed to please.

On a case-by-case basis for my most treasured, regular, and consistent guests, they may get to choose between either honoring my new rate or ceding high priority status.


 I want nothing more than to leave you with a memory that keeps you coming back.

All-Natural GFE Transgender Escort


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