All-Natural GFE Transgender Escort

The Experience of a Lifetime


Due to the current state of the world, I’m currently only taking one date every 10 days and am prioritizing longer dates I can really get to know you during. Let’s start planning! Of course, dining out is still a joy, but where possible, let’s find cute and unique ways to dine at home.

When home, just outside Detroit near the I-75/I-696 interchange, I have a quiet place to host in a quiescent neighborhood free of nosy neighbors. You’ll find me just as comfortable in shorts and a tank top at a baseball game as you will in a floor-length gown and a fascinator at the opera. I’ve found equal pleasure in Holst and Sibelius as I have in the Suicide Machines and Bob Dylan. Let’s wander through an art museum perusing everything from the color fields of Rothko to the reclaimed portraiture of Kehinde Wiley. Take me to the beach or the mountaintops, camera in hand. Wrap it up with a picnic, jazz club, dive bar, or any of Detroit’s endless new restaurants.

 As a genuine and charismatic companion who is versatile conversationally and open to a myriad of experiences, my whole world can melt away in your unrushed company.

Diminish the Distance Between Us

If you’d like to bring me to your city or along with you on your travels, I’m available for any of the standard length of offerings. I’ll need my travel and lodging covered, of course, and a 50% deposit to put our date on the calendar.

Passport-ready and traditionally known for never being in one place for too long, I’m known to hop a plane or train for dalliances both personal and professional.

Allow me to ease tensions during a stressful business trip, introduce you to an adventurous locale (Anchorage, maybe?), or invite me into your world with a reservation at your favorite spot.

Notes on Experiences

Despite my eagerness to hear from you, please only reach out once you’re sure you’re ready to indulge. A deposit of 25% (plus travel fees, if applicable) is required to secure our dateAs well, please understand that due to a rather ample social life, last-minute bookings rarely pan out; as such, I strongly encourage arranging time together as early as you know you are able.

Should you need to cancel our date, if you do so with 24 hours or less notice, my full fee is required at the time of cancellation.

Perhaps most importantly, I find it so much easier to slip into the ease of trust when, upon meeting, any and all gifts are placed in an envelope on a countertop.

If you’re looking for a longer experience with me or an ongoing arrangement, please get in touch to see what future we can dream together. If you’re more comfortable hosting, I’m happy to come to you for an additional fee.


 I want nothing more than to leave you with a memory that keeps you coming back.

All-Natural GFE Transgender Escort


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