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Unique & Epicurian Experiences since 2012.

Allow me to re-introduce myself. I’m Adelaide Finch, but my friends and lovers call me “Addy”. It’s what I’d love for you to call me, as well.

I’ve been providing intimate romantic experiences since 2012, and I have a feeling I know what’s going on in your mind right about now.

You’ve been searching for a woman who seamlessly blends the ease of familiarity with the pulse of the unique; the softness of solace with an edge of excitement. You’re attracted to confident, smart women who are sure of themselves and who they are.

Cautiously curious and nervously intrigued, you’re thrilled that you’ve found a woman who embodies what you’ve been yearning for.

Rest assured,  I’m no longer just a figment of your imagination, and I’ve been here waiting for you longer than you’ve known.

Please, do take the time to get to know me and learn what I’m all about. There’s little I love more than getting to know who you truly are in a space that’s openhearted, kind, and judgement-free.

Let’s make each other’s acquaintance.


 I want nothing more than to leave you with a memory that keeps you coming back.

Luxury Redhead TS Escort


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East Coast Touring

Let’s start the new year with new experiences you’ve waited your whole life for.

1/4-6 Portland ME
1/6-7 Connecticut
1/7-8 Rhode Island
1/8-9 Waltham, MA
1/9-10 Boston
1/10-11 NYC
1/11-12 Philly
1/12-13 Richmond, VA
1/13-17 Charleston, SC
1/17-19 DC
With @yF”